The Petra Wing, located close to the hotel's main facilities, presents a sight you'll see nowhere else. Faithful to its name ("petra" means stone in Greek), the whole Wing is carved into the island's stone and dressed on the outside with black volcanic rock. A unique construction in the volcanic island of Santorini.
2 guest
35 sq. m.

Τhe rooms are currently being renovated so there are no available pictures yet. Although, the main construction will remain the same as it was. Our Petra Studios, located close to the entrance of the Petra Wing, are ideal for two…

2 guest
40 sq. m.

With clear-cut lines that are characteristic of Santorini’s architecture and minimal decoration combined with luxurious amenities and facilities, our Superior Petra studios are Cave rooms located in the Petra Wing, that will help rest your eyes as well as your…

4 guest
50 sq. m.

The room is under renovation at the moment, that’s why there are not available pictures of the room. Pictures of the new room will be posted very soon, stay tuned!

2 guest
55 sq. m.

Our Honeymoon Suites, located in the Petra Wing are spacious, with a bedroom with a queen-size bed, a comfortable sitting area and a large bathroom with an indoors Jacuzzi, they will offer a classy stay in Santorini, full of style…

4 guest
70 sq. m.

One of the most special suites Honeymoon Petra Villas and Santorini have to offer, our Honeymoon Suite, located in the Petra Wing and very close to the main pool, is a cave-style house, which develops in two levels. In the…