You will start with a tour through the estate, stopping at the most picturesque places to view extraordinary ancient trees and stunning landscape.
Santorini Adventure
Santorini Sailing Center Renieris
Sail Away The Aegean With Our Boats

While in Santorini, one simply must go sailing! Discover the inaccessible parts of the Caldera, swim in the hot springs, snorkel and dive near the coast, visit the Volcano, have lunch on board and experience the magic of a sunset in the sea. A wide choice of vessels, catamarans, sailing boats, or speedboats is available for private hire at the Sailing Centre and promises you the easiest and most memorable way to explore the island. Check out all the available options here!

Santorini Experiences
Culinary Experience
Epicurean Adventures

Foodies will delight in the delicious and distinctive cuisine! “Paraga” Pool Bar & Day Reastaurant is here to complement the amazing setting.

Open 24 hours for drinks one can taste from locally produced wine to the most colorful cocktails. And from noon until late afternoon guests can enjoy a snack or a meal composed only of fresh products and organic vegetables that grow in our own farms. Our menus ensure you’ll find bold cuisine using the freshest ingredients.

And all that with the most breathtaking background: 270 degrees of unobstructed views of the Caldera, the Volcano and the satellite islands of Santorini and of course the most famous sunset in the world.

The sheer comfort of the facilities, the perfection of the cuisine and the quality of the services are the hotel’s trademarks.


Santorini Experiences
Wine Tasting
Grab A Glass

There’s a reason Santorini is known the world over. Stunning natural beauty aside, this region produces some of the world’s best wines.  A tasting is never too far away in Honeymoon Petra Villas, so grab a glass, and get started.

The island is truly a mecca for wine tasting enthusiasts and collectors, and our luxury wine tours will expose you to the best of the region.

Whether you are a first-time visitor, wine novice, or an experienced connoisseur, here you will find a luxury wine tasting tour itinerary to meet your needs.




Santorini Adventure
Wellness Experience
Indulge & Rejuvenate

HoneyMoon Petra Villas, whose rooms make the most of the spectacular setting, is a wellness seeker’s dream destination.

This is a place of positive energy, and nothing is ever going to change that. So kick back, relax, and forget about everything but the gentle, warm breeze embracing you.