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1While in Santorini, one simply must go sailing! Discover the inaccessible parts of the Caldera, swim in the hot springs, snorkel and dive near the coast, visit the Volcano, have lunch on board and experience the magic of a sunset in the sea. A wide choice of vessels, catamarans, sailing boats, or speedboats is available for private hire at the Sailing Centre and promises you the easiest and most memorable way to explore the island.


A family of sailors can create on land but cannot live without the sea!

Inspired and headed by Mr Ioannis Renieris, the Santorini Sailing Center was established in 1991, in an effort to introduce to others what he has come to love during his years as a professional sailor. The sea!

Having been 3 times around the world working on big cargo ships and facing the hardships that comes with this way of travelling, he has definitely had time to contemplate life. His vast knowledge and experience along with his good hearted nature and love for Greece and Santorini in particular make him the perfect person to show you around and ensure you of a safe, comfortable and fascinating cruise.

With a father like this, it’s only natural that his three sons would inherit Captain Yannis’ love of the sea. Manos, Mike and Nick have been born and raised around ships and have grown up to be skilled and experienced captains themselves. As often happens with siblings, their personalities are completely different, but they all share the same passion about sailing and the desire to help people come to touch and admire all the magnificent beauties of Santorini.

In Santorini Sailing Center you will find a wide choice of both sailing crafts and sailing routes. Whether for a few hours around Santorini or for a few days around the Greek islands, the 4 yachts and the crew of the Sailing Center can guarantee you a one in a lifetime experience.