Honey Moon Petra



We live green, we work green, we think green!

After all, Honeymoon Petra Villas is a hotel surrounded by greenery and plants all over, built literally inside nature and embedded in the breathtaking scenery of the cliff of Caldera. We are grateful for our environment, and try to preserve its balance and beauty in every way we can.

  • Low energy consuming light bulbs are used throughout the hotel to help reduce energy consumption.
  • All waste kitchen oil, paper, glass and batteries are collected and sent for recycling.
  • We purchase and use environmental-friendly products.
  • Use of recycled paper for brochures, catalogues, prospects.
  • Eco-friendly bath amenities from the famous Korres cosmetic company.
  • Rooms and linens are cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Our towel and linen reuse program dramatically reduces water and energy use.
  • Ceramic mugs are available to minimize use of paper cups.
  • Efficient lighting fixtures reduce energy consumption throughout the hotel.
  • Effective low flow toilets, showers and faucets reduce water consumption throughout the hotel.
  • Guest and employee dry cleaning service uses eco-friendly methods and products.

Additionally, all meals served in our hotel are made of biological local products coming straight from the family's farm.
Even so, here at Honeymoon Petra Villas we are constantly striving to find new and creative ways to help preserve the environment, and to make the methods we already use even more effective.