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Honey Moon Petra



1Located higher on the cliff, with part of it based on buildings dating back a thousand years, the Traditional Wing is a perfect example of the local atmosphere of Santorini as seen even on postcards and documentaries. The famous Aegean light makes the white of the walls blinding and brings out their stark contrast against the blue of the sea and the sky, as well as the blue of the windows, but turns sweeter and warmer once inside the rooms, welcoming you in Santorini and giving your stay in our hotel its own unique atmosphere.



1 The Petra Wing, located close to the hotel's main facilities, presents a sight you'll see nowhere else. Faithful to its name ("petra" means stone in Greek), the whole Wing is carved into the island's stone and dressed on the outside with black volcanic rock. The result offers a unique aesthetic that is also present in the interior decoration of the rooms, in a charming unity. Parts of the volcanic rocks found in the excavation have been kept in their original place inside the rooms and are an organic part of the interiors, creating a truly rare atmosphere you can only experience here.