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1Santorini with its incredible scenery attracts thousands of visitors every year for vacation, honeymoon and wedding ceremonies.

Santorini is a very unique island with its own character and style.

Many are those who identify the ancient Thira civilization with Atlantis. However, the whole mystery was buried and concealed forever with the eruption of the volcano. The volcano which erupted dipped a large part of the island and left its trace on the Caldera hanging from the cliff. The “yposcafa” (dwellings carved in the rock) were built there to incorporate within them the volcanic power and protect humans from the fury of nature. Various towns are built on the top of Calderas cliffs or even in the cliff itself. This is one of the unique features of the island that you won’t be seeing anywhere else. At this spot of Santorini the sun comes and goes blending its colors with the colors of the volcanic soil. The beaches take their colors directly from the volcano (black, red, white) and the crystal clear waters reflect the sea bottom with the unique rocks. Rich soil gives a delicious taste to all earth products: wine, legumes, vegetables. Once you taste all the flavors of the volcano, you can fully experience the uniqueness of this place with all your senses.

Imerovigli is a village adjacent to the north of the capital Fira. The village is mostly famous for its beautiful sunsets, romantic little paths and peaceful aura. It is also called the "balcony to the Aegean" since the houses are built amphitheatrically around the caldera crossed by narrow, paved paths. Imerovigli has many lovely churches, all made in the Cycladic architectural style. The most notable are the church of Anastasis, in the centre of the village, and the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos, on the way connecting Imerovigli to Fira. Another famous site of Imerovigli is Skaros, which is the remains of a Venetian Castle built in 1207 by Marco Sanudo, the ruler of all Cyclades islands that time.