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1 Due to the volcano eruption, there are many different geological formations shaping the shores of Santorini and their landscape, and each of its beaches has a unique sort of environment. There is something for every taste, from organised, busier beaches to more secluded spots, and from vast shores covered in sand to small rockier bays. Even the colours vary, and you will find red, white, and black sand and pebbles, depending on the spot. Take your pick!


Located on the eastern coast of the island of Santorini, Kamari is a black sandy beach that offers all comfort – near it you can find any type of restaurant and beach bar, hotels, and a variety of tourist shops. Swim, enjoy the sun, maybe even take advantage of the water sports facilities, and don't forget to send a postcard to your friends back home to let them know of all the fun you're having!


The Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia), located close to the ancient site of Akrotiri, offers a truly breathtaking sight, with steep red cliffs and dark sand. Turn around to look at the scenery while swimming and you will not want to take your eyes away from the magnificent landscape.


Located on the southern tip of Santorini, Vlychada beach is fairly reasonably one of the island's most famous beaches. The formations on the imposing cliffs surrounding it are spectacular under the sunlight, and the contrast between their golden colour and the black sand is truly a sight.


One of the most popular beaches in Santorini, it stretches for 5 miles along the coast, starting from Perisa, nearest to the rocky hill imposing on the scenery and continuing to Perivolos. Located on the southeastern part of the island, it offers a vast surface of black sand, and the opportunity to do much more than just swimming and sunbathing. Here you will find a variety of water sports, such as water skiing, wind surfing, and diving, as well as taverns with view to the beach and bar-restaurants, hotels, and camping facilities.


Reachable only by boat, this is a smaller beach on the Caldera side of the island, with a calming sort of beauty caused by the white cliff around it. Still, the boat schedules are quite frequent, so there might be more people than you'd expect!


A vast shore located on the east coast of the island, Monolithos is considered its most peaceful beach, perfect for enjoying the sunlight while swimming, reading, or maybe even falling asleep for a while to the sound of the waves. Just don't forget your sunscreen, and you'll have a blast!


A beach favoured by the locals, Baxedes is on the east side of the island. If you want to avoid the crowds, definitely consider this option. It is not an organised beach, but you can carry your umbrella with you or take advantage of the natural shade provided by the rock and enjoy the sea and the landscape without worry.


Only 1 km from Oia, yet the island's most isolate beach, Katharos is a perfect spot for those seeking a bit of peace and quiet. In the same time, it is just as beautiful as the rest of Santorini's shore, with tall rocks engraved by the wind,  and offers a great view to the smaller island of Thirassia.


Koloumbo is a tranquil sandy beach, on the north east of the island and near Oia. Like Baxedes, it doesn't offer umbrellas or water sports, but you can find shade during most of the hours of the day and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the sea in peace.


A dark sandy beach, Exo Gialos is located very close to Fira and, as the island's smallest organised beach, offers a few beach chairs and umbrellas, but is not too crowded and allows you to take full advantage of its lovely view and beautiful blue waters. Take a book, relax to the sound of the waves, and enjoy the company of your friends or significant others – let yourself be, you're in vacations and Santorini is going to take care of every single one of your desires.