Honey Moon Petra


1 All the islands of the Aegean are unique in varying ways – some of them are tiny and perfect for relaxation, others are full of partying youths, some are simply made for big tours and exploring. One of the best things about Santorini is that you'll always have something new to do, as there are many options that span all the hours of the day.

Some of our highlights about things to do while visiting Santorini are the following:

  1. Visit the village of Oia and enjoy the famous sunset and the amazing view.
  2. Shiny pebbles, unique geological formations, black, white and red sand compose the magnificent sceneries of the island's beaches. Don't miss them!
  3. Visit at least one of Santorini's wineries and taste the exquisite wines produced from the island's volcanic grounds.
  4. Wake up early one morning and take a walking tour from Fira to Oia following the path on the "eyebrow of the Caldera".
  5. Give the local products a try: cherry tomatoes, fava, caper, white eggplant, katsouni, and vinsanto wine are a few of the things that will please your taste buds.
  6. Visit the excavations in Akrotiri and Ancient Thira in Kamari.
  7. Whether by joining an organised excursion or renting a boat on your own, one of the things you should definitely do during your stay is a cruise to see the famous volcano and the hot springs and enjoy the view of Santorini from the sea.
  8. Go to Ammoudi Bay and have the traditionally cooked delicious fresh fish while feasting your eyes upon the magical view and the experience will be satisfy body and soul.
  9. Have a walk and do some shopping around the picturesque streets of Fira and enjoy a drink at one of the local bars - there's music and decoration for every taste.
  10. Ask the locals to show you which church or chapel is celebrating. If you join the festivities, you'll have the unique experience of a greek festival, full of wine, delicious specialties, and dancing to the local folk rhythms.